Can’t We All Just Get Along??

Did you guys see the article this week about the stay at home mom who said she regretted not working? I’m annoyed by it. And not because of what she said. I think everyone has the right to do what they want with their lives. I’m annoyed because the news media put this on the Today Show and the front page of MSN because they knew it would get a rise out of us. Another juicy installment of the Mommy Wars.

And we keep falling for it! We women are judgemental. Maybe you’re cool with moms who work or who don’t but somewhere along the way, you judge. I admit it. I like to think I don’t do it as much as others (another way to judge by the way!) I like to think I don’t spoil my kids like so and so.. or I would never let my kids watch TV all day like so and so. All seemingly innocent but judging none the less.

We are all Hardly Getting By ladies!!  If we embraced our fellow women and accepted their strengths and weaknesses, their good and bad, there would be no stopping us. Not to go too over the top on this but I bet we could rule the world! We all know in school we were way smarter than the boys. What happened??

Let’s each make a secret pledge to not judge the next time we feel the urge. Just once. That could be like the Butterfly Effect. Let’s see what happens.

Now, I’m getting off the soapbox and holding my tongue already. Did you see that actress.. NO! STOP..

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  • Jen September 28, 2013, 7:45 am

    I’m IN! I am forever battling the deeply-engrained temptation to compare, but the older I get, the more I appreciate that we are all so different. Women are fascinating and complex creatures and we should take every opportunity to encourage each other to do great things in our spheres of influence. I will be part of the Butterfly Effect. The blog is awesome! Thanks for your gift of time.


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