For those of you who have been around, you know I love a fresh start. Whether it’s after a stomach flu or a Monday being on the first of the month, I embrace the chance for a new beginning to make a change. This year started as the mother of all fresh start years with [...]

Black and White Photo Challenge, Seven minutes, seven black and white photos of my life. No humans. Short explanations.   It all starts with this. No matter how far I go in my life, I keep returning here. We have a complicated relationship.   The juice of my life. An awakening of my soul.   See [...]

As you might have noticed via social media, today was the first day of school. With one in college and my youngest a junior in high school, this just doesn’t mean the same that it used to. I’m trying to get myself to care but it’s not happening. To be honest, I hadn’t even thought of [...]

I Still Cry.

  Fifteen years later….13 of them living with hard core autism and I still cry.   You’re probably thinking “well of course, we all cry. “   No, no….not the crying at baby commercials or because you just watched a tragic news story. It’s the crying that you think I would have “overcome” by now since [...]

Met a great guy last week who likes our blog. He’s got great taste and he’s pretty funny himself. Check out his guest blog! “My Story of T” So it’s happened again and I’m wondering if there are any other men who have gone through the same experience. It started shortly after getting married. We quickly [...]

  If you’re fortunate enough to know Amy, you’re one lucky gal. Well today’s her birthday so figured I would reveal the top 10 best things about her. Of course, I could say she’s a great mom, teacher, worker, personal trainer, wife, etc. Blah, blah, blah.. Who cares about all that. This is the real [...]

How in the name of Jesus did I grow up to have ONE STITCH of self-esteem?? I mean, take a look at this picture.. Do I look like I had a fighting chance with that hair, that outfit, even that face!? Judging by my swollen eyes, I must have been beaten into submission to put [...]

Dear George

Dear George, Congratulations on your twins! That’s great news! You don’t know me but I always kind of thought that we’d end up together. Might sound crazy but I think we are the perfect couple. You’re witty, I’m witty You like pranks, I like pranks You’re a “regular” guy, I’m a “regular” gal You’ve got [...]

Presuming Competence

When he was in 5th grade, the school had my non-verbal son focusing on “identifying numbers 1-5”.  He was also trying to identify shapes and colors. He was 11 years old and yet he was essentially functioning at a preschool level based on a psychological evaluation administered from an “expert” from our school district. That [...]

Nature is a Mother

As some of you may know, I dropped my first born off at college two weeks ago. As a cruel joke that’s a pile of bullshit, I started having hot flashes THE WEEK WE DROPPED HER OFF. Honest to God, as if I wasn’t already distressed enough thinking I’m old with a college student, now [...]